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Spring Break Sole Sesh




March Break Week

About the Course

I am thrilled to extend a personal invitation to all high school-aged students to join me for -Spring Break Sole Sesh at my studio, where creativity knows no limits and the beats never stop!. 

This workshop, designed for students who love both art and sneaker culture, promises to be a memorable and enriching experience.

As their quarterback, this 3 hour workshop will immerse each participant in the history and significance of the iconic Air Jordan sneaker. Picture yourself, along with fellow art enthusiasts, each with a unique passion for the iconic Air Jordans. Together, we'll delve into the stories behind these legendary kicks, share our favourite designs, and then channel our inspiration onto canvas.

And of course listening to tunes to assist in their flow. All Art Supplies Provided:

  • High-quality canvases

  • Premium acrylic paints

  • Brushes of various sizes

  • Air Jordan 1's on canvas ready for your flavour.

  • Aprons to keep you fresh and so clean, clean.

  • Art easels

Your Instructor

Ford Medina

My obsession with kicks? Well, it all kicked off when I got my hands on my first pair – those classic White, Hi-top PF Flyers. They weren't just sneakers; they were a ticket to a whole new world of style and swagger. I may have only been 4 years old at the time, but man, those shoes were magic to me.
Now, fast forward to my days playing competitive team sports. Whether it was basketball, football, or track, being part of the game always kept my sneaker game on point. Those hours spent hustling and grinding with my teammates taught me that the right pair of kicks could make all the difference – not just in how you performed, but also in how you carried yourself on and off the field.

So, let's dive deep into the world of sneakers together. From the latest releases to the hottest collaborations, we'll explore how these kicks have evolved into more than just shoes – they're a culture, a lifestyle, and a form of self-expression.

Ford Medina
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