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I am a stargazer, a thinker, maker, letterer, logo-er, doer, drawer, brander, font-a-holic,

recovering almond croissant addict, dance moves better than Jagger, and fun haver.







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August 2013 - Present

Joseph Mimran
and Associates

August 2003 - July 2013

January 1995 - January 2000

August 1994



August 1994

Provide creative expertise, specializing in creating and launching brands, as well as, rebranding already existing brands. Develop client’s company brand; including the name, identity system, and messaging platform. Create branding materials that define who a company is to its customers, differentiate them from their competitors, and communicate the unique value the company provides. Creative and art direction of music videos and short films.

One of the key contributors to brand/design consulting firm JM&A, founded by Canadian apparel & lifestyle icon Joe Mimran (Club Monaco & Joe FRESH). As one of the original members of JM&A, an instrumental player in setting and establishing Joe Mimran’s timeless, clean and modern sensibilities. Worked seamlessly with other key players in various departments to ensure consistent and elevated brand identity for clients on the JM&A roster. Conceived, designed, and produced packaging, seasonal presentations, and multi-tiered event concepts. Created and produced seasonal showroom displays as well as in-store events with a special focus on the graphic design aspects of visuals, window material, signage, and directives, for all on the client list (Pink Tartan, Holt Renfrew, HR Private Label, Tevrow & Chase, Fairmont Hotels and Australian retailer Coles). Originally art directed and styled all images for President’s Choice Home, which led to the creation and supervision of JM&A’s own in-house photo production studio in 2006. By 2010 with JM&A, Ford's creative contributions were focused on design, product development, packaging, photography, styling, and branding of all apparel, home, and entertainment for Loblaw Companies Limited including leisure and electronics.

Partnered with Global Marketing, Store Design, Visual Presentation, and Product Development teams to create innovative retail environments. Developed, conceptualized, and designed seasonal themes, storyboards, colours, props and visual presentation tools for all window and in-store displays. Collaborated with Marketing Team to produce marketing campaign concepts with different treatments, logo placements, cropping of posters, in-store images, large format photo-murals and billboards for all North American stores. Conceived, designed, developed, sourced, prototyped and produced visual props for each season. Ordered, allocated and distributed visual tools for 125 stores worldwide including USA, Japan and South Korea. Created, produced and distributed monthly campaigns and directives for all stores. Established visual presentation and merchandising standards for Bloor Street flagship store. Coordinated, planned and supervised special events, product launches CMX and Club Monaco Cosmetics and store openings.

Conceived and designed original artwork, along with leading a team of artists from all over the world, in decorating over 800 acres of the concert site. Painted live on stage in front of over 500,000 people closing for Metallica and opening for Aerosmith.

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